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I love paperwork!

PagiTron assists your business by making sense of all your papers and then putting the information where you need it, whether it be your accounting platform, your attorney, or your contact list. Easy-peasy.

Young multiethnic couple examining home finance

Smart Work Saves Time!

No more typing, chasing and logging.

Save time from manually inserting expenses or payments, chasing receipts and filing.
Searching your papers is simple and storing is secure.


What you get

Unlimited users

Cloud upload of bank statements, invoices, and receipts

Papers digitized

AI extracts, interprets and organizes data

Sync data with bexio finance platform

Store it safely

Search stored vouchers with keywords or dates

Cloud download of processed documents

SME Business Owner

Pagitron helps me to process everyday documents, such as contracts, receipts, and bank statements automatically. I no longer need to type in every data line- it saves me time and reduces errors.

Sales and CEO SME

My productivity has doubled by adding Pagitron to my accounting process. The (accounting) workflow is so much simpler as the data from my receipts and documents are automatically logged where it needs to go, what took me hours is now down to a few clicks.

Business Founder

I can find any document, even years later, searching by date, keyword, category, or type. I no longer depend on endless binders in cabinets for my paper files and don't risk misplacing them either. Everything is digitally indexed and privately stored which gives me peace of mind.

What our users are saying

Easy to use

Here is how it works

Each bank statement or receipt has its data automatically extracted and stored against the correct expense or credit log. Easily search for logged documents using keywords or dates.


Drag and drop a PDF/ photo image into Pagitron file box.


Verify that extracted items are to your liking.


Click to Sync with financial platform and Save.

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